Wasted Time Factor – track meeting costs

Meeting costs out or hand or out of control?

Wasted time factor is the fun and easy app to track the meetings cost and meeting waste. Unlike other meeting cost trackers, wasted defaulttime factor allows you to track the meetings cost AND track the cost of wasted time to YOU or the entire team in the meeting.

For example, you’re in a meeting and using wasted time factor to track the overall meetings cost. It’s humming along, when suddenly some self-important person decides he wants to hear himself talk. You instantly hit “Track Waste” and the actual cost impact of “Mr. Self Important” is tracked for you to take to HR or his boss.

Available in Google Play and the iTunes app store



Here’s some tips on how to use “Wasted Time Factor” the meeting cost and wasted time tracker:

Tips for tracking meeting cost:

  1. Use sliders to set the number of meeting attendees and the average pay rate, click start, and the meeting cost will be tracked.
  2. Click “Track Waste” any time later to track the cost of wasted time during the meeting for everyone. To see what your direct costs are, click the “Me” button, set your hourly wage, then you’ll see what the cost of your wasted time is.

Best of all, Wasted Time Factor is FREE. No cost to you. Just have fun with it and tell us about it!

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